And we're back!

Since my last post, Michele and I got married (yes, actually married!) and jetted off for a month-long trip around Peru. I have so many photos to sort through that I really want to share on here, as well as lots of thoughts about weddings, marriage and honeymoon planning, but for now here are a few more photos from our stay in London.

As an ice cream addict, I was so keen to try the offerings at Chin Chin Labs that I ended up dragging my family all around Soho looking for it (no, Google maps is not my strength). It was one of those typical Lucy-days where I'd packed way more into the itinerary than was really feasible (no, we didn't have a relaxing honeymoon). It was most definitely worth the rush though...

Name/Address: Chin Chin Labs, 54 Greek Street, Soho, London, W1D 3DS

Nearest tube station: Tottenham Court Road

What's the idea?: Ice cream wizardry using liquid nitrogen, with classic and quirky flavours, and a range of enticing toppings.

First impressions: The ice cream parlour itself was much smaller than I'd imagined and, devastatingly, was packed. (I have since learnt to never bother with Soho in peak hours - peak hours being practically every hour there.) We managed to elbow our way onto a small table in the Wes Anderson-esque locale and I rushed to the counter to order the goodies. 

What we ate: I had the tonka bean with a seasonal apple pie flavour and hot chocolate fudge sauce, because if you don't have hot chocolate fudge sauce on a sundae, you just ain't living. Mum had Valrhona chocolate (what the hell is Valrhona anyway?!) and burnt butter caramel. 

What we thought: Delicious; thick creamy and gorgeous flavours. The only complaint is that the sundaes were just too small for that level of yumminess.

The important stuff - what were the loos like?: There aren't any (Edvard Munch time).

Do they take bookings?: No...

What I'd say to a friend: Really delicious ice cream, don't expect the classics necessarily and be prepared to take away.