A couple of weeks ago, we went on holiday to what is possibly my favourite place in the entire world.

The Sud Tirol/Alto Adige region is mostly renowned for the impressive Dolomites, a cluster of harsh grey peaks that soar jaggedly into the sky. It is a place for everyone; the region is abundant with ski resorts, hiking trails, spa hotels, cheap prosecco, gorgeous food and lovely little towns and cities. 

Michele and I went for eight glorious days with two of our favourite people in the world. I didn't think the Dolomites could get much better but it turns out that when you're travelling around with Lizzie and Haico, they really can.

I took about 1000 photos which I have narrowed down to 600 to keep. It's the kind of place that demands to be taken in from every angle. Mountains that fade to blushes and blues with distance, the coarse rushing of distant water, the herby scent of pine and the tang of ice in the air.

I'm trying to go through and edit my photos but I'm having a few technical problems with my poor old laptop so progress is slow. So I thought I'd pop one photo from every day we spent into this post for a quick update and to give you a taste of what's coming.

Someone take me back?