You know how whenever you live near something, you never truly take advantage of it? Perhaps you're a Londoner and have never visited the Tower or the Tate? Perhaps you live in the States but have never visited NYC or the Grand Canyon?

I've never really taken advantage of my European passport as much as I should have done (*begins to cry quietly as she realises Brexit is happening and the PhD salary is never going to allow enough travel beforehand*).

I have also never appreciated growing up in a seaside town, with all of its retro glories. Which is what we (Mum, Dad, Jess, her boyfriend Andrew, Michele and I) decided to do this summer...

With mini-golf!

Most people are flocking to Margate now but Broadstairs has long been the local town to visit at weekends. It never quite reached the depths of the recession that both Margate and Ramsgate sank into and has always had a nice selection of little shops and cafes alongside an absolutely gorgeous beach which, if you ask me, looks just like St. Ives (not that I've been there either despite living in Devon for 5 years now...)

But of course, the mini-golf course is the absolute pinnacle of seaside fun in the town!

After a rather humbling trip around the golf course in which I discovered I am absolutely horrifically bad at mini-golf, we ambled along the seafront to Morelli's, the ice cream parlour that has started popping up in the likes of Portobello London, Monaco, Texas and Dubai.

But if you want the real deal with the original decor to boot, you want to head to Broadstairs.

The decor is deliciously kitsch but not quite as delicious as the ice cream sundaes!

Local insider tip: go for the hot fudge sundae and ask for chocolate ice cream. I've been having it for years and years and it is so delicious! Plus, you really can't beat hot fudge sauce in an edible chocolate cup now, can you?

Morelli's; the original. And the best.