In order to combat the growing problem with tumbleweed in this certain pocket of the internet, I present a small selection of photos showing some of my favourite, overlooked spots in Milan. 

Whilst the guidebooks tend to talk about the Duomo and the Last Supper as if they were the only things on offer,there are plenty of beautiful spots to be found simply by wondering aimlessly around the city.

I spent a couple of days earlier this week in Milan, feeling incredibly homesick for the place (which was quickly remedied by the army of mosquitos in our room on the last night - Michele went and slept on the sofa due to my energetic mosquito slaying at 4am). Here are some of the things you can see if you're out and about in the city...

Photos of the Bosco Verticale, the "Samsung district", the Darsena, MAG cafe, Corso Porta Ticinese, Torre Velasca, the Stock Exchange, Chiesa di Santa Maria presso San Santiro, Via Tommaso Salvini, Villa Necchi Campigli