Leaving the Relais Montemarino was a fairly difficult task.

We were only there two nights but I really fell in love with the place. I loved the simple, rustic design and the views across the hillsides and the gorgeous pool with the sun-loungers outside.

My favourite kind of trip always involves mountains. Sure we didn't actually do any hiking on this trip but seeing as Piemonte literally means the foot of the mountains, it's basically a mountain holiday anyway...

Driving around you can see them, distant and ghost-like, on the horizon.

On our final day we drove around visiting lots of little towns such as Serralunga d'Alba.

Unfortunately when we climbed up to visit the castle, we discovered that we'd arrived a week too early; it was still closed for the winter season! We found this a few times during our trip to Piemonte so it's worth considering that winter closures often last until March time when organising a visit.

All the same, the views were beautiful.

At lunchtime, we swung by Trattoria della Posta.

If you've seen The Trip to Italy with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, you'll probably recognise this place. It was definitely strange for me watching it and seeing them head into a restaurant I'd visited in real life!

I had the bagna cauda, a typical dish from Piemonte with anchovy sauce and fresh vegetables for dipping in, followed by gnocchi coated in local cheeses and finally a chocolate pudding with a liquid centre.

Our meal was exquisite and if you're ever in the Langhe region of Piemonte, I would wholeheartedly recommend a trip.

Even better it's right on the roadside (although it doesn't feel like it once you're inside, with views across the hills and mountains). It was so easy making a stop there on our way to towns such as Monforte d'Alba and Barolo (top wine country for those who like their wine tastings!)

Although we didn't get to go to any wine tastings (sob sob), our mini break in Piemonte was absolutely magical. Of all my memories from a year abroad in Italy, it was one of my favourites and I would love to go back and see it in the summer and spend some more time exploring the hills, wines and cheeses of a truly delicious place.

Has anyone else ever been to Piemonte? Any recommendations for when I head back?