Just a quick one today to show you one of my favourite places to visit on lazy weekend days in the city.

We visited Hangar Bicocca back in April to see what was going on.

Unfortunately most of the exhibition space was closed for a new, incoming exhibit but there was still something for us to see.

Celine Condorelli's exhibition has since moved on but it was such a visually stunning exhibition that I'm going to share these photos anyway.

Admittedly... we didn't get it. I'm not very good at deciphering modern art but I enjoyed wandering around and having a look at the various sculptures and installations.

I particularly enjoyed a video installation acted out by puppets. The extract we watched showed a man going home to Catania and talking to his relatives about the foods of his childhood - really evocative!

You can see a clip of it here as well as some of Condorelli's other works, plus the explanations, rationales and inspirations behind the pieces!

Beyond the exhibitions, Hangar has spaces to sit quietly, talk and reflect - as well as an awesome looking bar that I wasn't allowed to try on this particular day (does anyone have any ideas on how to train your boyfriend to become more alcoholic? Mine never wants a drink on a sunny day!)

Meaning I had to tear myself away from Hangar, peering in through the windows and at the people sitting and chatting outside...

...and walk away from the wine, into the fading light.

As I said, just a quick one to show you the place; hopefully next time I pop back the whole thing will be open and I'll also get a trip to the bar in there too!