Burgers aren't exactly the latest in food trends anymore but they're still pretty damn popular. And for good reason too. Firstly because they're delicious. Secondly because it means they're beginning to take over the smaller cities (i.e anywhere that's not London). 

Exeter in particular isn't the first place you'd go if you were looking to try something new. The city is miniscule - it essentially consists of a high street, a cathedral, a river and a university. There isn't that much to do and if you have the budget to eat out semi-regularly, you'll find yourself exhausting your options fairly quickly.

Luckily, when Exeter does something well, it does it bloody well.

Whilst there is now a relatively impressive range of options for burger fans within this tiny city (Byron, Urban burger, Ruby Diner, The Grove Diner) my favourite so far is absolutely hands down Hubbox. 

The interior is somewhat reminiscent of the Ikea self-service warehouse with bare-brick walls, angular metal frames and chipboard creating the feel of a pop-up. Luckily it seems that Hubbox is here to stay.

On my first visit, I was absolutely bloomin' ravenous and decided to add a side of apple 'slaw to my order. Oh and a large portion of fries. At £2 for those I was expecting something relatively manageable. It turns out that a large fries is probably enough for three people to share.

Fear not my friends, I ate them all (mostly).

The menu offers a fair amount of choice and even allows vegetarians to take their pick from more than one option (shock horror!) As one of those flakey pescatarian types, I greatly appreciate the inclusion of a fish option, the Mack Daddy which I tried on a different occasion. It was absolutely bloody marvellous and definitely worth a go.

Of course, we couldn't eat burgers without having milkshakes to start.

The food arrives pretty quickly at Hubbox and is delivered with a charming smile from the lovely waiting staff (my dissertation partner works there so I'm definitely trying to get free goodies from her by putting this in - but it is also very true... hint hint...)

Your friends may not give you such charming smiles when you try and get shots of them cramming the delicious food into their mouths.

I went for the Bella which as you can see is practically pornographic. The menu says grilled goats cheese with roasted red pepper, crispy courgette and beetroot mayo but it tastes better than anything you could ever dream of throwing together in your own kitchen.

I've heard the meat options are fairly dreamy too.

The Big Kahuna with its 2 x 4oz patties, pulled pork and Swiss cheese is a rather popular one with the lads - every time I go, it never fails to be chosen by at least one ambitious guy in the party.

But I still say the Bella and the Mack Daddy are reason enough to go on their own.

Bonus points to Hubbox for their burger buns that don't disintegrate and let you get a good grip on your burger from start to finish.

Happy face-stuffing!