In not writing this blog quite so frequently, I've been trying to hold onto little bits of Milan.

Somehow it feels like having more posts lined up means that I'm still there in a way.

I've been exploring Exeter lately and taking lots of photos so I really should get on with it but still, I'm reluctant to give up all of my Italian tales quite yet.

So here's just a little one.

Temakinho is a Brazilian sushi bar in the middle of Milan. Yep, weird.

They've got two restaurants, one in Brera and one in the Navigli. Seeing as the former was so close to home, we would go there occasionally when we didn't fancy pizza or pasta (not often) or when the pull of fresh ingredients, brightly coloured sushi and excellent caipirinhas was too strong (most of the time).

I absolutely love a caipirinha so having one with the addition of mango and pink peppercorns was an excellent experience and one I would fully recommend. Whoever would have thought that chewing on a peppercorn would enhance a cocktail so much?

The decor at Temakinho is as fresh as the food with lots of greenery, wood and beautifully-painted tiles to whisk you away from Milan and straight into more exotic climes.

That's a sneaky steal of photos from this post here.

Magro was healthy as usual and abandoned lunchtime alcohol in favour of a juice. The drinks menu is largely made up of various caipirinhas (the only cocktail served) and juices although they have some other options if you haven't been tempted by these beauties.

But of course, the most important thing is the food.

I normally go for the temaki themselves, after which the restaurant is named. They're the bigger, triangular seaweed wraps and I absolutely love them for the sheer amount of filling you can stuff between those crispy black sheets.

This time we went for normal sushi rolls.

How beautiful are they?

Ok, so I can't remember exactly what was in them but I do remember that I went for ones that generally contained ingredients like fresh tuna or seabass, mint, mango, coriander and lime. Magro was taken by the deep-fried prawn varieties with avocado and salmon.

I've got to say, it was all ridiculously good.

So there's one little favourite of mine from Milan.

Not a long post today, just a little memory snapshot.

This day was one of the last I spent in Milan (sob sob) so looking at these pictures is particularly poignant for me. But life is striding forward at a remarkable pace and there are many more things to come, so will hopefully get my act together soon and get on with the bloggin' around my suddenly hectic life.

And on that note, I really ought to get to work.