Life is proving to be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me at the moment.

I am having to say a LOT of goodbyes right now but I know that soon I will be greeting old friends and family instead.

And whilst I still miss Milly (or Millie, to be honest I never knew which way she preferred spelling it), we now have a new addition to the family which you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram (Lucyandthesky92) or Twitter (@lucyandthesky28).

Let me introduce you to...

...well I don't know actually. Because I say Billy (see a bit of congruency in my dog name choice there?) and Mum says Bertie Wooster. Yes really.

I fell in love with him as soon as Mum told me she was going to look at a puppy and that he was the last one left out of his brothers and sisters.

I have ALWAYS wanted to take the last puppy left or a dog from a dogs home so I was absolutely desperate for her to love him.

Apparently he was the shyest of all of them, not running up and barking like the others. After five minutes on Mum's lap he started crying to be let down. Things weren't looking good.

But in the end, my family went for it. He was a beautiful puppy from a good home and available at the right time, so that Mum and I can get to know him over the summer break before going back to teaching/university.

He got home yesterday and has already started coming out of his shell, exploring the house and playing with his new toys.

I can't wait to go home and meet him!