Last Sunday was Mothers' Day in the UK. 

I couldn't be with my Mum on the actual day this year but luckily I was able to go home the weekend before for a few days to catch up with my family (and the wonderful British food I once took for granted but now crave on a regular basis!)

On the Saturday we went to Tiny Tim's tearoom, which is hands down my favourite tearoom ever. 

The scrambled eggs on toast are just out of this world. I don't usually like eating scrambled eggs in restaurants and cafès because they're not always as fresh as they could be and taste a bit too... well, eggy. As in, wet dog kind of eggy. 

These are not. These eggs are hot and fresh and luxuriously dairyfied (read: lots of milk, cream and butter!) They arrive on two huge doorstep slices of buttered toast made from homemade granary bread and the result is one of the most more-ish dishes of home-style comfort food you will have ever tried.

The cakes and the scones aren't bad either. That's an understatement. The cake portions are certainly not for the faint hearted and the scones are the biggest and best I've tried. They serve them plain or with dried fruit and often have a daily special (when I went it was raspberry, delicious!) 

I go there every single time I'm home and can't get enough. It isn't the cheapest place but it is worth every single penny, trust me! Everything is delicious and fresh and homemade (have I said these three words enough yet?) They even run a Pudding Society which I tried out before realising it was better to photograph food than eat it (LOL) where you have an appetiser and then an unlimited buffet of puddings to whose histories you are treated during the pudding parade. Oh yes. You get a badge and everything and then crown the King of puddings.

You can expect to pay around £15 for an afternoon tea which is fantastic value for the quality of food dished up. I recommend it. Especially when the piano player's there. He played a medley of Wicked songs when I was there once, I nearly died.

That evening I went to a party with one of my best friends, Olivia. I didn't get any photos of the party itself but it was an American dress up with some pretty impressive costumes. Ours obviously were the best - we went as Thelma & Louise (pretty good huh?) This is us before we headed out:

The next day was our unofficial Mothers' Day. Whilst my sister was at work in the morning, my Mum and I paid a visit to one of her friends' new babies. Meet Lottie!

I have such a soft spot for dogs and there's nothing quite like a puppy to make the world feel full of sunshine! Lottie was such a calm little cutie, unlike some other pups I've met lately. Honestly, it feels like everyone except me is getting a baby dog! And giving it a beautiful name - recently there's been Nancy, Dottie and now Lottie!

After a few cuddles we had to say goodbye and head over to the sunny seaside town that is Broadstairs where we had booked a table for lunch.

My irritatingly gorgeous younger sibling...

The lovely (and very happy) lady of the day!

And me. Forgetting that horizontal stripes and my bust do not mix (I had to delete a fair few pictures where the loose material and the resulting contortion of the lines made me look like I'd had a botched boob job...)

Once the construction works have gone, this will be the perfect view again.

We began with the anchovy toast which came at a very reasonable £2.50. Crispy, light, yet loaded with salty, garlicky flavour, it was the perfect start to a delicious meal, baking in the East Kent sunshine.

After the success of the first nibble, we were pretty excited about the mains.

My parents had already tried the roasts which come with a selection of vegetables and potatoes for you to spoon greedily onto your plates as you wish. There are also a range of delicious veggie and fish options (well I wasn't just going to sit and watch!)

My father and the aftermath of his plate cleaning habit. We have been trying for years and years and years to get him to stop literally polishing all of our plates in public institutions but he doesn't listen. He's a bit of a character to say the least.

We weren't going to leave without pudding and these bad boys hit the spot. Above is my banana and ale bread with salted caramel mouuse and caramelised bananas which was short, sweet and delicious. Mum's pudding kind of knocked the ball out of the park though - a huge chocolate brownie made with beetroot topped with a scoop of marmalade icecream. Absolutely incredible.

Wyatt & Jones is a gorgeous new addition to the seafront and was full to bursting to prove it (when we arrived, the empty restaurant pictures were taken after we'd been stuffing our faces for a couple of hours!)

Unfortunately the sun had run away so it wasn't quite warm enough to walk home along the coast but we had a little look at the beach anyway. I couldn't exactly say that it made me feel wistful seeing as I know from experience what the English Channel is like in March but hey, home is home is home.

How English! Look at that brown sauce, yummm...

We decided to pay my Auntie a visit in the afternoon. She lives in a beautiful old farmhouse in the middle of the countryside and has two wonderful Weimaraners to go with it. They're beginning to get a bit older now so will fall straight asleep if you stroke them but they're still pretty playful.

I couldn't just stay on the sofa whilst Tessa and Minky played around on the floor..

My Uncle and all his birds.

Before long the weekend was over and I was flying back on a sunny Monday afternoon. Looking out of the window, I began to see offshore windfarms. 'Funny,' I thought, 'those two ahead are in roughly the same position as our offshore windfarms.'

I craned my neck and tried to see if I recognised any of the land we were passing over. I saw a runway which could have been Manston and a harbour that could have been Ramsgate. But then the plane inched forward and I was rewarded with the unmistakable arc of coast that has been my home for so long.

For anyone local, Ramsgate harbour is quite easily spotted as is the runway at Manston. You can also see Westwood Cross and Foreness point.

But before long, the vision faded and we were up amongst the clouds.

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