Whilst I sort through the many hundreds of photos I took this weekend, I thought I'd show you what I got up to on the last day of FuoriSalone (yes, I know it was ages ago now! What can I say, I have other things to do, I don't know how other bloggers find the time to get it all done!)

Browsing through a graveyard might seem like a strange pasttime for a Sunday morning but Cimitero Monumentale is one of my top tourist attractions for the city.

From the impressive gatehouse to the imposing monuments and spooky open graves, it's an incredible tribute to the dead rich and famous of Milan. Here are a couple of photos I took on the morning that in no way do justice to the cemetery.

Our design destination for the day was Statale where there are always a range of exhibitions and installations.

Before getting inside, I was struck by the beauty of the university building. I always dreamed of going to a well-established university in buildings that spoke of the past and all the great people that had passed through. Instead I ended up in 1960s lecture theatres and over-extravagant new-builds. Meh.

The deliciously green installation was all about a future of power through harvesting algae. Talk about green energy...

I'm still so jealous of the students who get to study here. Might look into post-grad courses or perhaps even another undergrad. You can retake exams as many times as you like and the fees compared to those in England are minimal!

The whole point of the installation below was the sheer length of the table. I don't know about you but I can definitely see clear markers where different tables begin and end! Naughty..

High-class pigeon!

Finally we came across an installation that was relevant to everyday life with smart storage solutions for the modern home (cough, tiny box with all your shit packed into one 35msq room).

And if you weren't sick of chairs by now...

This desk comes with a handy drawer to store your cat!

My attempts to capture the view were thwarted.

Mini models of the Expo buildings! I can't wait to go back and visit next year, especially as I'll be graduating a couple of months after it begins! Perhaps I'll have to move straight back to Milan..

And here are some photos of photos of windows that may be a little travel inspiration for you...

We could have gone back to the Tortona area where loads of events were kicking off for the evening.

Instead we did what any self-respecting person with aching legs and sore feet would have done and paid €12 a head for bubbles on the Aperol terrace overlooking the Piazza Duomo.

Ok so €12 each is a fair bit but the way we rationalised it to ourselves was to say that we would have paid €5 each for unlimited relaxation on a sun-soaked terrace with a brilliant view so really the drinks were only €7... plus they provided us with home-made (and very, very fresh) crisps (or chips to Americans)!

Mum and I were thrilled, Magro not quite so much.

We were actually in the process of not taking to each other due to Magro's pickiness over restaurants and complete failure to help me choose one. I'm sure he'd tell a different story but I'm the one talking right now so ner.

The inside of the bar looked like it would be great for an evening event too. They serve food as well if you're interested in taking a light (or heavy) lunch in the glorious sunshine and everyone who was eating looked like they were on their way to paradise with each bite.

One drink obviously wasn't enough.

Before dinner, Mum and I got dressed up, deposited Magro at his Dad's so that they could do manly things before our reservation, and headed out down the road for an aperitivo in Brera.

Except, of course, Brera was jam-packed due to design week. It's a charm and a curse.

Princi was off limits but a little cafè next to it had empty tables in the middle of Moscova so we sat down and treated ourselves to cocktails and nibbles for, wait for it, €5 each!

And then on to La Libera for dinner. A beautiful, beautiful dinner.

Sea bass tartare with fennel...

Courgette "sformato" (a kind of crustless pie made of mashed courgettes and other things... helpful I know but I have no idea how to describe it except to say that sformato is yummy!)

And whilst I neglected to take photos of the mains before they were hoovered up, my dessert was an absolute masterpiece.

Gelato al forno (oven baked ice cream) has officially won my "Most Indulgent Dessert" award.

Look at it.

So that's ice-cream, encased in sponge cake, smothered in liquid marshmallow and then absolutely oozing in hot chocolate sauce. The heat from the oven has just started to melt the gelato and the flavours are absolutely incredible. Add to that the fact that La Libera does one of the best chocolate sauces I have ever tasted (as in - it actually tastes like rich chocolate and not crap flavourings) and you have one hell of a decadent pudding in front of you.

One last look...

And then it was gone, along with our time at Fuorisalone. See you next year!