As I write this I'm sitting on a plane heading for Sicily! Woo hoo! It's my first time and I'm so excited to finally be warm again!

So today's post will be quite a short one as I'm typing this out on my phone. It will also be the last post with low quality phone pictures because.... I finally got my camera! 

Yes the Sony RX100 (mark one, I'm not made from money!) is finally here! I have taken a photo of some cabbage and can confirm it makes everything look beautiful!

So the other night I went for dinner with some friends to celebrate two of our birthdays. We ummed and we aahed about where to go before Martina suggested Mido an Arab restaurant.


Martina and Andrea (that's a guys name for non Italians) had been there before and as vegans, there's plenty for them to eat. 

Why not? I thought, eager to try a new cuisine, although by the time I got there, drenched in the rainy kilometer between metro and restaurant, I was craving a nice big glass of red.

Which they obviously didn't have. But mint tea was high on the drinks list so I was more than happy.

We didn't really understand the menu so we just told the owner of our various dietary needs and left the rest to him!

Warm pitta with various dips, hummus, aubergines, tomato cous cous and... Salted lemons??

The problem with doing this however was the sheer quantity of food brought out.

And as the owners culture declares that it's rude to leave leftovers, we were in a spot if bother... Especially considering that we were each brought giant plates of meat fish or vegetables and heaps of cous cous AFTER the bread and the rice and the other delicious vegetable wraps and falafel

Even though we were trying to eat as much as possible, terrified of inevitably offending the proprietor (and this involved me making a heap of "empty" mussel shells, strategically arranged on a spare dish) and even though there was no alcohol in the house we had such a laugh!

Partly from Andrea and his beautiful story about projectile vomiting spaghetti into a sink. Oh and one little tip? Never tell an Italian you prefer another country's coffee!

Finally we were brought hot fresh plates of the most delicious baklava style desserts.

There's that salted lemon again!

If you're in the city and sick of the same old pizza pasta routine, I would definitely recommend trying Mido out. The food is delicious and plentiful and they're always happy to just bring you what's good. My advice would be to specify how many courses you want - maybe antipasto primo and dolce would have been ideal for us - as each course is huge! And it's so cheap - €23 each for drinks and food!

Take lots of friends, an empty stomach and a desire to try new cuisines!

See you in Sicily!