My latest obsession is Rosie T's blog (aka The Londoner)

In fact, this weekend I've been a bit of a copy cat I'm afraid to say. Not only did I cook the Shrimp Saganaki from her Jan 24th post but I'm also buying the same camera as her. Oops.

But if you get empty plates from notoriously fussy eaters and comments such as "proprio buono" for the first time ever, then maybe this girl is worth copying. She's onto something.

I took the recipe from this post here and added 50% of the ingredients as I was cooking for three. Here's how I got on...


450g of prawns (still with their little beady eyes attached!)
Three handfuls of cherry tomatoes
A tin of chopped tomatoes
Two glasses of white wine
A handful or two of fresh dill
A load of feta
Garlic, olive oil, chilli flakes, origano
Freshly baked bread for dunkin' and scoopin'

The original recipe for two people suggested two glasses of white wine but I found that this was more than enough for three (in fact I ended up ladling out the extra juice!) I would also recommend adding more prawns - maybe an extra 50-100g.

  • Chuck a load of olive oil in the pan. I then added one whole garlic clove per person with the skin still on
  • Once this had browned (which was very quick as I'm not used to gas ovens!) I tipped the prawns in which I had beheaded and betailed myself with far too much enthusiasm. Sprinkle chilli, salt, pepper and origano as you wish
  • Once the prawns are cooked, take them out and replace with tomatoes and pour in the wine (maybe one large glass is enough)
  • Pour in the chopped tomatoes, tear up the dill and throw it in!
  • Leave it to simmer until the tomatoes have reduced and it doesn't taste like a boozy weekend. Add any other seasoning and always taste your food as you cook, it makes such a difference!
  • When the tomatoes have reduced a bit, chuck the prawns back in and simmer and stir. Once it's all hot and tasty, you're good to go!

I laid the table with a bottle of red and a bottle of white and a board with freshly baked olive bread from Princi in Moscova.

It went down very well with both Magro and his Sicilian (!) dad mopping their plates clean (I like to think this is thanks to me rather than the bread!)

And as we are in Italy, it had to be followed by a secondo. In this case, I stuck with a light salad after the heavy flavours of tomato, prawn and cheese.

Insalata di finocchio, arance, melograno e feta! Or fennel, orange, pomegranate and feta salad.

Chop up an orange for each fennel you use and mix up in a bowl. Portion it out and provide pomegranate seeds and feta so your guests can do it themselves. The latter two ingredients make the salad rich enough for you to leave dressing out although a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil never hurts.

We followed it by gelato which I sadly did not make myself. I did however choose the flavours: fior di latte (a smooth, milky flavour), dark chocolate and ricotta and fig, sprinkled with cinder toffee.

Buon appetito!