View from Agriturismo Tre Terre, Lake Como
I first clapped my eyes on the Italian peninsula in July 2011 and it's been hard to drag me away ever since! A family holiday in Lake Garda turned into a trip to Parma, Milan and Rome which turned into a bit of a love affair with both Italy and an Italian.

From July 2013 to July 2014 (so long ago now, sob sob) I lived here with Michele (just call him Mike) during my Erasmus year abroad and was treated to some absolutely incredible travel opportunities.

Michele still lives in Milan so most of my time in Italy has been spent exploring this wonderfully colourful and creative city (there is a lot beneath the grey exterior, I assure you). For blog posts in the Milan category, click here.

Otherwise, here are some of my favourite posts and places from my travels in Italy (beware, they tend to be picture heavy and I wasn't always that good at remembering to resize them for web browsing - sorry! There are also clear examples of when I was going through a particularly garish photo editing phase. Again I am sorry!) 




Trentino Alto Adige/Sud Tirol

Emilia Romagna