I'm Lucy, a food-obsessed student currently splitting my time between Kent (home), Exeter (university) and Milan (spiritual home?) I'm incredibly lucky to get to spend so much time in Italy due to my boyfriend Michele (pronounced mee-KEL-leh and not Michelle) living there.

I love being outside and keeping active, moaning, looking at pictures of food and eating. I also like watching storms, cocooning myself on the sofa with chocolate and magazines, drooling over Pinterest and coming up with various life plans, all of which will be completely different from the last.

The next few years are going to be interesting as I embark on life as a PhD student of Psychology. I'll be looking at cognitive interventions to combat childhood obesity and impulsive overeating (personal cause?) I think this has caused Michele to feel great concern for the scientific community due to my frequent illogical ramblings (that seem completely logical to me) that he dubs "Lucy science".

Feel free to get in touch!

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