Another month, another blog post and another of those "sorry haven't posted in a while" rambles when nobody is listening or reading - ha!

Our time in London absolutely whizzed by - in fact, it's been a month since we moved out. But the great news is that we've decided to move back in the Summer after we come back from honeymoon.

Which brings me to another thing - we're getting married in one week. 


Anyway, for now, for my peace of mind, let's head back to a simpler time... once upon a time in London...

Name/Address: Salon Brixton, 18 Market Row, Brixton, London, SW9 8LD

Nearest tube station: Brixton

What's the idea?: Modern British restaurant serving seasonal and inventive food in a relaxed setting

First impressions: The decor and general feel reminded me of one of my favourite restaurants back home which put us on a good footing to begin with. I'd booked a table for Michele and I to kick start my birthday weekend - only, when I'd registered the booking with OpenTable and I'd selected "Birthday" as an occasion, I was under the impression that I was telling OpenTable to send me future birthday deals, not that this was going to the restaurant. Rookie error. They put a candle in my banana bread which was cute but also kind of embarrassing seeing as we were the smallest table in there haaaa.

What we ate: Wiltshire burrata with chard, rhubard and hazlenuts; Jerusalem artichoke salad with pear, blue cheese and candied walnuts; rhubarb and blood orange tart; warm banana bread with homemade Nutella.

(I asked Michele to take a picture of his food for me but instead he took this odd snap of me with my mother's expression on my face...)

What we thought: I loved every minute of our trip (bar the moment when the waitress asked what else we were doing for my birthday weekend, as if to give me a get-out-of-jail-free card for my street cred [ha], and I revealed that we were waiting for my parents to arrive for the weekend and she actually said "oh no, poor you!"). Everything I ate was delicious and fresh and cooked to perfection. Michele agreed that everything had been cooked perfectly but he was less than impressed with the ingredient combinations - apparently the other flavours in the salad overpowered the Jerusalem artichokes. We actually went back one evening for the dinner menu (although we had to leave halfway through because I had an unspecified allergic reaction to something, sob) and had the exact same thoughts - I loved everything and thought it was perfect, he was outraged by the combination of octopus, monks beard and blood orange because the orange overpowered everything else. Sigh.

The important stuff - what were the loos like?: There's just the one - it gets pretty chilly in the winter!

Do they take bookings?: Yes, it's probably advised.

What I'd say to a friend: Lovely spot for a relaxed meal that still feels like a special treat; food was amazing but it didn't pass the Michele test.

(The Lord of Fussiness in his natural environment)