Mini Review number 2! This time, we're going for cheese and wine at Oak N4. Whilst this one almost escaped my criteria of having bright-enough lighting for my poor old iPhone 5 to handle, it just about made it. Here's what we thought...

Name/Address: Oak N4, 5-7 Wells Terrace, N4 3JU

Nearest tube station: Finsbury Park

What's the idea?: Their website says "We couldn’t say that OAK N4 is unique but the concept of a combined wine bar and store is fairly rare outside of mainland Europe. It makes for a seductive welcome. Nipping in, on your way home, to get a bottle for dinner you may find a kind of relaxed party going on. It’s hard not to stay and try a glass and chat to a few like-minded souls." They stock about180 wines with around 30 of these being offered by the glass, and provide nibbles such as cheese and charcuterie boards to soak up the insobriety.

First impressions: Our true first impressions were formed back in the summer, as we rushed past on our way to dinner (for which we were late) and I peered wistfully in at the happy, moneyed people clinking glasses and laughing. It's a lot of wood and low lighting, with a bit of a hipster vibe - as soon as I walked in wearing my hump-day work clothes and a tired expression, I instantly worried that I wasn't cool or sophisticated enough to be there but we were quickly made to feel at home.

What we ate: Or more importantly, what did we drink? We shared a bottle of Intellego's Kedungu (a mix of Syrah, Cinsault and Mourvèdre if that means anything to you - it doesn't to me). The wine is smooth and incredibly drinkable, which is pretty much the only vocabulary I have to describe it to you. We pay about £30ish for the bottle, which is chosen from the conveniently-ordered shelves (the reds go from light to full-bodied, left to right, and the higher the shelf = the higher the price). We're initially offered a lot of Italian wines but both of my drinking companions hail from the bel paese so we try something different and go for the lovely South African instead. After a glass, we decide it'd only be sensible to grab a bite to eat and opt for a small cheese board (£7) with extra bread (£3). Before long, we're ordering a second cheese board.

What we thought: The wine is delicious and slips down like a dream (but then I guess most wines do with me). I'm not sophisticated enough to comment on the precise flavours (vanilla, cherry, oak... has anyone actually tasted these things in wine? Genuinely??) but I can at least say that the cheese and bread selection is of a high calibre, with a young pecorino, a gooey Gorgonzola and creamy taleggio amongst the offerings. The bread is fresh, with an irresistibly soft centre and a cracking crust. All too soon, the wine is gone, so we order another glass of something else and sigh wistfully, wishing it weren't a weeknight and that we could get our paws on another bottle without demolishing all hope of productivity in the morning...

The important stuff - what were the loos like?: Fine - nothing to report. Although I did meet the cutest little dog on the way back to our table!

Do they take bookings?: It's more of a rock-up-and-see kind of place, and whilst it's pleasantly populated on a weeknight, you won't be fighting for a space. They do have bookable events such as wine tastings and sake nights.

What I'd say to a friend: A gorgeous bar for a weeknight treat (and is there any treat better than fancy wine and cheese?) - definitely worth the money!