Excitingly, I am writing this from my sofa in Brixton.

Well, I say my sofa; it doesn't actually belong to me. It's a rented sofa, in a rented flat, but for all intents and purposes, it is mine for now.

Michele and I moved to London last Saturday. We've taken up residence in a very nice Airbnb on Brixton Hill which is a convenient 20 minute bus ride (or 50 minute walk if I'm feeling energetic) to my new workplace.

It's safe to say that I'm still pretty excited about everything. I haven't been here long enough to encounter all of the grumbles that come with city life and even find rush hour buses bearable in an amusing "it's just like they said it'd be!" kind of way.

As you can probably tell, I am not (and, before these three months are up, probably won't get a chance to become) a Londoner. One of my best friends pointed this out after I enthusiastically instagrammed a picture of the tube upon my arrival. Rookie error. But nevertheless, one week in, I've learnt a few things and thought I'd share my sparse observations on London life with you all...

(...complete with shoddy photos because no, I still have not sorted out a camera for myself. Yes it has been about a year now. No, it's not going to resolve itself anytime soon. If you're here for decent photos, you probably want to leave now.)

 1. Google Maps is a liar
It can't keep up with actual bus/tube times and it's massively optimistic during rush hour.

2. You can't just rock up to the cinema
Even if you're trying to see a film that's been out for months, London is busy and it will probably sell out. (Although it may have been more to do with the fact we were trying to get into the cheapest cinema in London on a rainy Sunday afternoon).

3. There is SO much to do
I started making my bucket list at the weekend and I'm already crying in despair because I won't be able to fit it all in during my three months here. We went for a wander around Brixton Village and Jesus Christ, I won't even manage to complete my ticklist for all the places to eat there, let alone the entire bloody city! On the plus side, there's so much to do, you can't help but randomly stumble across awesome places like Mamsons, the Filippino ice cream parlour (GO!)

4. The commute is a hardcore workout
If you're not getting a core workout trying to keep yourself upright on a speeding bus with no handrail space, you'll be running to work after all the buses are so full they won't let you on...

5. Puppies can break down all those Londoner rules
No smiling, no eye contact, no talking? Just introduce a great big fluffer pup and everyone will be chatting away like it's a tiny village community.

6. You can travel to Italy in 30 minutes
Or less, if you live in Hampstead. We went to L'Antica Pizzeria with Michele's cousins and boy oh boy was it good. Will be posting a mini review soon.

7. The Ben's Cookies struggle is real
This may be specific to me, but even if I have managed to get a hold on 99% of my unhealthy eating habits, I will still never be able to walk past a Ben's without eating something. Even if I've just had a three course lunch.

8. It's surprisingly green
There are parks and trees everywhere; and surprisingly, there's more birdsong than in Exeter.

9. Food tastes better here
I had a halloumi burger at Brockwell Lido cafe. Wasn't expecting much more than a halloumi burger to be honest. But Jesus Christ, it tasted fantastic. As has everything I've eaten so far to be honest.

10. It already feels like home
Maybe this is because we visited a lot when I was a kid, maybe this is because I'm now living barely minutes from Dulwich, where my Dad grew up. But so far, I like it here and it's beginning to feel like home.

P.S., established Londoners, please give me your tips on what I should do/see/eat whilst I'm here!