A couple of weeks ago, the lovely people at Ape Snacks sent me a wonderful little box of treats to try out. All of their snacks are made of dried coconut, with no added sugar and no gluten or animal products in sight (which makes them one of your five a day... right?).

Whilst it doesn't happen very often for me, getting sent goodies to try out is such a fantastic perk of writing this blog (especially when they happen to be very yummy goodies) and as I was very kindly sent their full range of snacks to try out, I decided to employ the help of two of my best girls to munch through them when they came to stay the night.

Meet Laura and Molly!

We'd been planning a sleepover for aaages (honestly, it took us months to get our shit together!) and nothing says sleepover more than cosying up with a box of snacks! I also thought it'd be a good idea to get their opinion because I am notoriously easy to impress, especially when free food is involved.

After making a den in front of the fire, we got stuck in - and of course, the two chocolate-flavoured bags were ripped open first.

The chocolate crunchy coconut bites (in the purple bag) were the first we tried and definitely became the favourite of the night. The coconut has been condensed down into little crunchy discs and then liberally flavoured with cacao and a little coconut nectar. Despite being a dry snack, a lovely creaminess comes through as you eat them. We all agreed we'd definitely buy these again before polishing them off in a flash!

We also went straight for the salted chocolate crispy coconut curls. Unlike the bites, which are more substantial and feel like more of a sweet treat, I think these would be more likely to replace a crisp habit. The other flavours of curls were "lightly salted" and "pepper and spice". These latter ones were definitely my favourites of all the curls - as Molly pointed out, we'd never really thought of coconut as a savoury snack before but it really worked!

Also on the menu were the sesame bites, chia bites and natural bites. We weren't particularly fussed about the chia or natural bites (they seemed a little plain after the flavours of all the others, but are great for anyone who just loves coconut!) however the sesame ones were a really big hit (Laura: "so good"; Molly "literally so good"). 

We didn't have that much room after a big dinner of cheese and bread and roasted garlic (yes, we know how to live) but we still managed to get through most of the box! The conclusion of the night was that we would definitely buy these, especially the chocolate bites and the pepper and spice curls. Even better, with their low sugar content, they feel ever so slightly virtuous too.

Anyone for a snack? 

And after eating as much as we could fit in, we retired to bed and watched the ultimate Christmas film... Mean Girls!

(Well, it has a Christmas song in it anyway...)