Another month, another prolonged period of absence! It feels as though the last few weeks have raced past at full speed without a moment to rest. I've finally finished running some of my experiments and am now preparing for my PhD upgrade (which is essentially a halfway review to check you're on track - fingers crossed!). I've also had a fair amount of voluntary work to get on with during the weekends and have had an interview to prepare for which has taken up the rest of my time. Despite the stressful moments, I am enjoying myself (but also can't wait for a little break at Christmas!).

As a way to save my sanity, I've also been slowly getting back into reading and writing which has been incredibly rewarding. Just like with running or swimming, I can  use these pastimes to completely disappear inside my head for a little while and come out later feeling refreshed and rested. This has been indispensable lately as I've been a bit too run down to contemplate going for runs in the drizzle and wind. On the other hand, it has meant that I've neglected my usual staying-in-hobby of choice - blogging!

I've still got lots to share from my trips to France and Italy in the summer as well as some local adventures I've had down here in the South West as of late. I'd also really like to start making this blog a little more personal. I rarely post discussion or opinion pieces which is odd because I'm an incredibly opinionated person in real life. I'd also like to start writing more about the lessons I've learnt about healthy eating, weight management and psychology through my studies. In short, I want this little space to be a bit more representative of me.

But these are all plans for the future. My interview is this week (I'm not mentioning exactly what it's for here as I don't want to jinx it, even though I have pretty much spent the entirety of the past two years talking about how much I want to apply for this spot) and once that's done, I'm going to try and get myself back into a healthy routine with good food, a decent dose of exercise and a kick-ass approach to work.

(Am I asking too much?!)

In the meantime, here are some phone pics from the second day of our Cornwall adventure earlier this year. After a research meeting with some health professionals in Poole, I found Michele in a local bakery where he'd been waiting for me and we set off to explore the hill we'd spotted from the road. It turned out that this hill goes by the name of Carn Brea and is the site of an impressive granite monument to the Lord de Dunstanville who played a part in halting food riots in the area. If it's an imposing beacon from afar, the effect is magnified up close. We stood at the base of the 90 ft structure and looked up to its dizzying peak which seemed to be rearing down on us due to the clouds hurrying past overhead. Further along the ridge of the hill is Carn Brea Castle, a small 14th century castle built cleverly into the rocks. Today it's a restaurant and favourite picnic destination for local children and their ponies (at least if our experience was anything to go by!). We only had a little time before we had to head back towards Redruth to catch the train to Exeter but it was a rather gorgeous (and somewhat mystical) foray into a part of the country I've never visited before.