So everybody has suddenly started talking about Autumn and I'm still not quite ready to let go of the Summer. Partly because, as I write this, I am sitting in Michele's flat in Milan where the temperature has dropped from 33 degrees to a much more palatable average of 26-28. At last count, I had 30 mosquito bites despite my body's best efforts to wake me up as soon as one flies within one metre of my face (which means I have woken up any time between 5:30 and 7am every day so far this week...). To put it concisely, it just doesn't feel like Autumn here yet.

And it certainly didn't feel like Autumn when I left home just over a week ago. In fact, the last week of August was an absolute scorcher (in English terms anyway). And there's nothing like a bit of warm weather to make you feel grateful for living beside the sea. St Ives, eat your heart out:

Mum and I were in Broadstairs for an afternoon, seeing as it's barely a ten-minute drive from my parents' house. After a mooch around our favourite shop Arrowsmiths (which is quite literally a cave of gorgeous treats for the home and wardrobe and where I naughtily bought yet another dress for the honeymoon I haven't actually booked yet), we went for a walk along the promenade, watching all the brave souls in the cool blue waters from a height. 

As much as we didn't fancy joining the sea swimmers ourselves, it was a rather scorching day that called for some form of refreshment at least. So we headed over to Morelli's, the traditional ice cream parlour whose decor hasn't changed since my Mum was growing up in the area back in the 1960s.

There's something about the old, faded pink fittings that make having an ice cream sundae feel like a wholesome pastime rather than a naughty treat. Having recently spent a week in France doing little else except devour Dame Blanche's and Chocolat Liegeois, we were both in the mood for something chocolatey and saucy. Mum had the hot fudge sundae whilst I asked for a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of hazelnut with a pot of hot fudge to drizzle over. Mum was an excellent sport and modelled for the obligatory drizzle shot...

Morelli's has been a part of most Thanet-based childhoods. It's a local treasure and one that feels ever so homely and rooted - which is why I find it so absurd that there are locations across the world including in London (they even had a spot in the Harrod's food hall for ten years!), Dubai and Texas. I guess it's quite a rare thing to find a place that retains its sense of homemade charm even after its branched out and headed off into the big bad world beyond. 

(Although as much as I've tried to make it out to be the area's best kept secret, my photos so far have been rather strategic - it was absolutely heaving that day!)

I won't be heading back home until Christmas now, and I very much doubt I'll be needing an ice cream to cool me down by then. Although, that being said, I'll probably be in need of a little hot fudge sauce to warm me up so there's hope yet...

14 Victoria Parade
Broadstairs, Kent
01843 862500