Personalised pencil/glasses/makeup case - MiloandMolly on Etsy
It's September. Soon, the leaves will turn golden, the air crisp and the skirts of summer will become jeans and boots once more. Of course this also means that the clock has well and truly started ticking down to the start of my Masters. Gulp.

Exeter always starts pretty early for a university and this year is no exception; I have to be there on the 14th of September, what is this madness? Normally I'd be dragging my heels and whining by this point - it's really no secret at all that I hated uni for the first two years. Luckily though it picked up enough for me to sign on for another four years by the end of final year so this time I'm kind of excited.

First thing on my mind? Stationery of course! And my new desk space which I'm determined to fit into our new flat. It's a pretty cosy space but I still have dreams of my window-front desk (a window which admittedly stares straight at a wall but also down into the conservatory of a restaurant which is going to have to be my entertainment until I get internet and TV set up; I'm so not prepared for these proper grown up things).

Whilst I've been productively burying my head in the sand over things I actually need, I've been finally getting to grips with Etsy to find all the beautiful things I really really really want...

1. Desk
Number one on my wishlist is this gorgeous desk from WunderartShop:

It's a little bit beyond my budget considering that my summer credit card bills have just come in and the balance is double my that of my current account (lol yolo) but still, once I've saved up a bit I'm pretty sure this would be a wonderful forever-piece to take with me wherever I go.

2. Creature comforts
It is a truth universally acknowledged that an uncomfortable student won't get anything done. So I'm going to make my workspace cosy with this lovely rug from Skandihome on Etsy:

and this cactus cushion from confettiriotshop:

I probably won't have any money for a proper desk chair by this point so I'll just drag one over from the dining area/kneel on the floor on my nice new rug and cushion.

3. Decorations
A bland workspace leads to bland ideas (maybe, I just made that up) so really it would be silly not to decorate it. To the dismay of anyone who ever lives with me, I love houseplants but am terrible at keeping them alive (my bedroom last year started off looking like a lush alpine forest but quickly came to resemble the Mojave desert more than anything else). 

Nevertheless, I won't give in quite yet so I'd put these on top of my lovely desk (also to encourage me to kneel up straight from my chair-less, floor position - a laptop full of research articles isn't quite enticing enough).

This terrarium from GOODWOODWORKSHOP:

and this plantpot from theobjectenthusiast:

and then just because I can never be trusted not to kill plants, even cacti, this print from SamsSimpleDecor:

4. Motivation
I'm fairly good at motivating myself but even so, I'm still human and we all know that humans are easily distracted. So I'd keep my eye on the game with this amazing mug from BrimPapery:

5. Things I may actually need...
Ok ok so all of these items on my list have been pretty superfluous so far. I don't really need a desk or  a rug or a cushion (heck, I'm sitting on the floor typing this quite happily). I have plenty of (dead) plants and posters and mugs. What I really need for the new term is stationery!

And this concrete desk organiser (which I think would also come in very handy as a weapon against anyone who comes in and disturbs concentration):

Oh and definitely this beautiful backpack to carry all my books around in:

Hmm maybe I don't have this basics thing down after all.