Just a quick one today to share a rather well-known little place around these parts.

Herbies is a vegetarian restaurant which draws in veggies and meaties by the crowd! They have a huge range of vegetarian and vegan dishes and each and every one is quite frankly absolutely delicious!

For some reason I've only been twice in the four years I've been an Exeter student but seeing as I have another four years to go, I'm hoping I'll be able to make it a little more often!

Especially with my foodie partner in crime, Charlotte. She's the new Slow Food on Campus society president at the uni and we will be working together for the next academic year again, hooray! She's an absolute babe.

Now, all the food you see here was sadly not consumed by just Charlotte and myself as we were out with the rest of the outgoing Slow Food committee (we'll miss you guys!)

Happily, everyone was up for sharing, especially as the portions were absolutely huge.

I know that a lot of people might be put off by the sound of a vegetarian restaurant. Lots of people believe that a meal needs meat to be a proper meal.

Sometimes when I cook for myself at home, I can understand that - I don't feel full up and I just don't get that feeling of satisfaction (or is that just because I'm greedy?!)

We really did not have that problem at Herbies.

If you go, make sure you order the daily salad as your side dish. Don't worry, there are no bowls of sad looking lettuce leaves drizzled in a suspicious looking dressing, it's always much more exciting than that:

I had the carrot and cashew nut loaf with the salads on the side ^

It was so scrummy and such an easy way to get my 5-a-day in!

As you may have guessed, food is a bit of an obsession of mine, so much so that I'm actually going to be conducting research on how to get children to eat less junk food and more vegetables (and actually enjoy eating them!) However I think Herbies may have done the job for me.

It's not all strictly healthy though...

Now whilst the food was damn good (think deeply rich tomato sauces, fresh vegetables, lightly salted homemade chips and a salsa verde that had us all exclaiming in delight and begging the chef for the recipe) I would go one step further and say that if you've already had dinner, it's worth going there for the dessert alone.

Each and every single one was exquisite. I know. I tried them all.

It might not look like much from the outside, the decor may be pared down and simple, they may not serve meat. But if you are in Exeter, you will regret not paying Herbies a visit.