Well, that was a good, long silence wasn't it.

I am very sorry for being so absent for the last few weeks, I hope I can get around to catching up with you all as soon as possible! I seem to have submerged myself under a semi-self-imposed avalanche of work and am just about beginning to breathe again now. Although I still have about 150 research articles to read. Eek.

Here are a few things I've been up to this term, just to get back into the swing of things. Michele (formerly known as Magro) has alerted me that my camera has returned from Sony (and they even cleaned the sand out of it for me hehe) so blogging can well and truly recommence from Sunday when my personal courier, I mean boyfriend, comes on down to Exeter.

Until then, I have been...

1) Eating at the amazing Rusty Bike

2) Walking miles and miles and miles to a pretty, picturesque town, only to discover we were on the wrong side of the estuary at low tide.

3) Having regular dinners with my amazing housemates (even if mine and Lauren's cocktails are too strong for some!)

4) Irritating the crap out of people by taking photos of them whilst they're eating

5) Eating some damn good burgers at Hub Box

6) Exploring Exeter

7) Eating LOADS (more posts will follow)

8) Going to awesome local events like the Ottery St. Mary tar barrels (this definitely deserves its own post)

Ok, perhaps there are reasons beyond essay-ing for my having been so absent..