Apparently I haven't posted in ten days; where has the time gone?! Final year at uni is absolutely ripping my time away from me. I've always been a pretty conscientious student (yep, I'm the annoying person who always does all the readings and then pretends they haven't just to seem socially acceptable) so I can't say that I'm spending any more of my time (i.e 100% of it) on my work, it's just that this time, I never seem to be getting anywhere near the top of the pile.

Ok, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying the cognitive stimulation (ahem) but it is a bit much. I feel like I'm on a running machine and someone has suddenly come along and punched the speed right up and now I can't reach to turn it down again. I can just about stay upright but... it's a hell of a lot of effort! I suppose it doesn't help that I have all but one of my classes this term (I am looking forward to next term a LOT) and on top of that, I have been promoted to a key-holding supervisor at the shop (woo hoo!)

In short, blogging has fallen by the wayside quite a fair bit. I am sorry. Especially as I keep going on about how I still have so much to write about Italy (I do - I wasn't lying. But now I have 50,000,000 pages of work to get through.)

So instead, here are some "teaser" photos of the Dolomites where I went on holiday this August with Magro. I am still utterly obsessed with this holiday and feel my heart soar and sink in equal measure whenever I look at pictures of this unimaginable mountains.

When I have a bit more time, I'll go through my pictures properly and write some posts about what we did, where we stayed and most importantly of course, where we ate.

For now... enjoy.