I haven't been posting much recently and I won't be able to for the next week or so either.

This is because *drum roll* I am actually coming to the end of my time in Milan. Seriously coming to the end of my time in Milan. I have a week left. Oh my God.

As such, I'm a bit of a busy bee trying to get everything done. I'm saying goodbye to friends, some of whom are also leaving, saying goodbye to co-workers, trying to arrange when I'm coming back, training the new intern (my replacement!) at work and wondering when on earth I'm going to pack my suitcase.

I'm heading back to the sea, where this time there will be no dog waiting for me. Mum's going to look at a puppy today but it's a dog rather than a bitch and she and my sister would prefer another little girl. I just get ridiculously attached to any dog (yes even this hypothetical puppy I may never meet) so I'm hoping she falls in love with him too. We were discussing names last night... Billy popped up until we realised it was just because it rhymed with Milly. Rupert and Oscar were other favourites.

But this isn't the end of my blogging experience! Oh no, no, no.

First of all, I have LOADS left to post about from my year. Meals out with friends, trips to Piemonte, Tuscany, Rome and Puglia, little trips around Milan...

Then there's the fact that I'LL BE BACK. At least once every couple of months and my goodness I will milk every second (and photo) out of it.

And finally, where I live is actually quite pretty too. And I learn interesting shit in Psychology so I'll tell you about that too.

In short, life goes on after Milan. Kinda.