I am a very lazy person.

When I'm browsing blogs and hunting through the comments section for more sites to follow, I can't always be bothered to copy and paste a URL into my address bar. I know. Lay-zee.

I much prefer being able to click on a ready-made link that will take me straight to the page. Some commenting platforms such as Disqus do it for you automatically but others require a bit of HTML to work that magic.

All you have to do is this:


So I write ...


(Without the dot in the final brackets - I'm having a lot of trouble with this post, partly because this comment linking is literally the only thing I know about HTML in the world)

Which will look like this...

Lucy @ La Lingua Italy : Food, Lifestyle & Travel

And there you have it. An incredibly simple way to encourage lazy web browsers like me to come to your site. It works for Blogger and Wordpress' standard commenting systems. Squarespace does NOT use the HTML and so your code will just show up as if it were normal text.

Why not try it out in the comment section below and leave your link so this lazy blogger can check it out?